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Whoa. It's been quite a while, very few followers that I have. Hello!

First, let's get the Big One out of the way: Rapture The Book is out, book 1 of 2. You can read it online for free through that link, or you can buy a physical copy via Amazon (given in that link). Book 2 (hencetoforthwith called "Disc 2" because Rapture likes to lampshade all the stuff it emulates) will come 2017. Book/Disc 1 is The Cockroach Metamorphosis, contains the first three acts of the original story (final draft) and a very fragmented portion of the sequel, all thrown together in a controlled experimental haze of excess and anxiety. Book/Disc 2 will be put the sun down, containing the second half of everything, where all fall down. You'll try to be prepared for it. You will find that I have been hiding many plot things from my audience all this time, and put the sun down will be where I finally reveal them.

Second, surprisingly, Rapture wasn't the first book I made this year. Here's Topography Genera, you can read its obsolete second draft online or you can buy the book (which also comes with short stories!). It is cheaper and considerably smaller than Rapture, as Genera is just a novella. But it's a dense one. A tale of misdirection and melancholy, this book is a sort of cipher for some of the denser things Rapture will cover. It was deliberately made to be its opposition, in size and in format and in style and in story.

Third, I must have seen Homestuck's ending upwards of fifty times. If you read Homestuck but haven't yet caught up to the ending, especially if you've heard some nonsense about it being thrown-together or an anticlimax or otherwise "sucking," I highly recommend following through. Acts 6 and 7 are self-aware beasts that deconstruct all that had come before and.. well, I think they're made much more for the archival reading experience. You'll know you're in heaven when it starts talking about cherubs. What I'm trying to say here is I'm an evangelist now, I guess. An evangelist for internet fiction.

I'm working with RND Media more, going up to London periodically to work on secret projects (most of which you will never see and are secret only because they're business dealings). If ever that turns into something I can share, I will.

Something I can share, though, is this page right here. Been working on that with Eric for a couple years now. Still working on it. The Dead Fear Group is an important philosophical thing, and the only reason I don't speak more openly about it is because its philosophies are closely linked to something I've been studying all my life. You could say I'm trying to summon EAT into reality, but that sounds sensationalist and crazy. Sounds crazy. Just sounds. <3 Doesn't make it any less true.

Uh god what else have I been doing. Some stuff that's secret, some stuff that's not but that I can't remember. Look, just peruse this page if you want a full list of stuff.

Finally, I end this odd update with a reaffirmation that Hexillith is still love.

See you in, like, another year!


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Jordan Dooling
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United Kingdom
I'm Jordan. I write. Primarily, I write OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING and associated stories, I write videos for R'N'D Media, and I write for a secret thing titled Blind Man's Book. In my spare time, I sell coffee.


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Howdy man. I no longer have a page, What bits I have of my Wilhelm Wood codifier, The Secret Of Wilhelm Wood, are currently in my scraps. I've set a goal for myself to have it finished by April. The first two chapters of it are written, and it only three remain. Once written and edited, I'm going to combine each separate piece into one. It IS a fanfiction, (I'm not sure how you guys feel about that sort of thing, I think it's harmless fun though some folks view it as some "lesser art") so be aware.

Once it's done, I do plan on making more original works with it as time goes on.
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